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 The project work was a success in the terms of reaching the goals of creating awareness about coding literacy. The project has also played an important role to develop a positive attitude towards technology and computing via coding activities.  Founding the coding club with teachers and students and coding classes were conveyed successfully at school. 


30 students who were 12/13-year old took part in the coding club in our  school.

At the beginning of the project work 3 teachers from the project school team, Anna Pankova, Katerina Radeva and Ivan Mishkov, have received the teacher training certificates with the help of the Ministry of Education representatives.  

The classes were conveyed on website and the teachers were registered  to open the courses 2,3 and 4 in the platform.


 Students were registered by their teachers, too.  Their parents were

informmed about the project activities too.


Computers are generally seen as a possible danger for students as we all know, but we have changed this idea that if technology is used to create more than to consume, it is invaluable.



 Students have been encouraged to develop their potential as creative problem solvers and lateral thinkers and find the courage to express their personal, intuitive and authentic ideas. Now, they are expected to be responsible users of ICT with self confidence and algorithm literacy inspiring peers in their environments in the future. Also the parents' attitude towards computers and internet have changed dramaticaly. Internet is now not considered as a potential danger for the students' success but a valuable source of being creative and successful.



 The first LTT activity that took place in Poland and our live coding concert  were also an important part of our project work. Students learned and worked with Sonic Pi software which is a music coding platform.

 They received a training course in LTT-1 in Poland. A lot of time was spent with the preparations of Live Sonic Pi Concert that took place with the participation of school administratives, parents, teachers and students. Polish partner has held a very successful learning teaching training activity which was rich academically and culturally.

The live coding music performance was a very successful dissemination event until now as it enabled us to reach students, parents, teachers, local schools' representatives and local authorities. Sonic Pi is totally new for Bulgarian audience and to see 12-13-year-olds creating the most complicated music all by themselves has had a huge effect of the audience.



 The school community including teachers, students, parents and the neighbouring school administratives have learned about coding and what it can add to our students and collegues academically and professionally. We have underlined from the beginning that although what we are doing is important; it uncovers only a tiny part of a whole different world which is full of possibilities for everyone.


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